MIT concurrency notes


Lecture 20: Blockstack

Lecture 19: Peer-to-peer: Bitcoin

Lecture 18: Fork Consistency, Certificate Transparency

Lecture 17: Causal Consistency, COPS

Lecture 16: Cache Consistency: Memcached at Facebook

Lecture 15: Big Data: Spark

Lecture 14: Optimistic Concurrency Control

Lecture 13: Spanner

Lecture 12: Distributed Transactions

Lecture 11: Cache Consistency: Frangipani

Lecture 10: Cloud Replicated DB, Aurora

Lecture 9: More Replication, CRAQ

Lecture 8: Zookeeper

Lecture 6-7: Fault Tolerance: Raft

Lecture 5: Go, Threads, and Raft

Lecture 4: Primary-Backup Replication

Lecture 3: GFS

Lecture 2: RPC and Threads

Lecture 1: Introduction

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